Clayton Park West Constituents Fighting for 24-Hour Urgent Care

Clayton Park West Constituents Fighting for 24-Hour Urgent Care

Residents in Clayton Park West and surrounding communities are waiting for government response after a petition to bring 24-hour urgent care to the region quickly gained more than 1,300 signatures.

When engaging in community healthcare conversations this past November, Health minister Michelle Thompson and Nova Scotia Health CEO Karen Oldfield encouraged residents to advocate for this service, with Oldfield stating that “… the more people who are advocating for what we need, the easier it is to make this happen.” In response, Clayton Park West Liberal MLA, Rafah DiCostanzo, started an online petition that has garnered significant interest in hopes to see government follow through.

“We were asked to advocate, and our community has done just that,” said DiCostanzo. “We will soon have a facility where all of this can happen. The only thing standing in the way of this facility providing the 24-hour urgent care is the support of the government.”

The Bayers Lake Community Outpatient Clinic is scheduled to open in August 2023. The new facility will have 17 examination rooms and diagnostic imaging but will be closed evenings and weekends.

“As the region continues to grow, access to health care is critical. The people have clearly spoken and demonstrated the need for 24-hour urgent care, yet we are still waiting for recognition or acknowledgement that this will come to fruition,” added DiCostanzo.