A Liberal Government Will Continue Historic Investments in Continuing Care to Support Seniors

A Liberal Government Will Continue Historic Investments in Continuing Care to Support Seniors

CHESTER, NS – A re-elected Rankin government will continue to make the well-being of seniors and residents of long-term care homes a priority through its multi-million-dollar rejuvenation of the long-term care sector.

The province of Nova Scotia has announced $152.6 million to renovate and replace 2498 beds in 24 facilities across Nova Scotia, the largest single long-term care investment in our history. In total, 500 additional new beds will be added in the communities with the greatest demand, reducing the average wait time for a home in long term care to 60 days.

The first project is expected to be completed by 2026-27.

Premier Rankin visited the Shoreham Village Nursing Home in Chester today. It is one of the facilities that is eligible for rebuilding or renovation.

“For Nova Scotians, who live in long-term care, these are their homes. As such, they should be comfortable, efficient, accessible, and modern,” said Premier Rankin. “Our long-term care residents deserve the best that we can give them, and with these investments we hope that we are achieving that goal.”

The Premier was joined by Deputy Premier Kelly Regan, Minister of Seniors and the Liberal candidate for Bedford Basin, and Jacob Killawee, the Liberal candidate for Chester-St. Margaret’s.

Since 2013, investments have continued to grow in continuing care, and just recently, it reached $1 billion annually.

“Seniors have given so much to our communities,” said Ms. Regan. “We will continue to do our part to support them today and every day.”

Liberal candidate for Chester-St. Margaret’s knows this plan will provide more safe spaces for seniors.

“This is about ensuring that our loved ones are comfortable and cared for,” said Mr. Killawee. “More importantly, our compassionate plan is about making sure that they’re surrounded by loving friends and supportive staff.”

This plan will:

• Continue our caring and compassionate plan to provide the best housing for our seniors.

• Reduce wait times through a new IT bed management vacancy system, so our loved ones can get a bed as soon as possible.

• Increase training and equipment for LTC staff to provide more individualized care plans while ensuring a consistent level of continuing care across the province.

• Create good jobs by replacing and renovating our aging LTC infrastructure.