Houston Government keeps future of Infirmary project under wraps

Houston Government keeps future of Infirmary project under wraps

Over the summer, the Halifax Infirmary redevelopment project hit several roadblocks and the Houston government has been less than forthcoming on the future of the most significant healthcare infrastructure project in decades.

Previously, timelines and updates on the project had been regularly published on a government website but since taking office over a year ago, the Houston government has failed to post any updates on the project’s progress.

“It’s concerning that the Houston government isn’t providing any updates on a project of this magnitude,” says Public Accounts committee member Brendan Maguire. “Because of their secrecy, Nova Scotians have more questions than answers when it comes to the future of the new Infirmary.”

After the Houston government pumped the breaks on this project early in their mandate, regular updates are more important than ever. With emergency rooms bursting at the seams and healthcare workers pushed to their limits, Nova Scotians need to know when they can expect the Halifax
Infirmary redevelopment to be underway.

“The Houston government was elected on a promise to fix healthcare, but what does it say about their promise when they can’t even get started on the largest healthcare infrastructure project in a century?” says Maguire.