Liberals call for inclusive financial relief for cosmetologists

Liberals call for inclusive financial relief for cosmetologists

As Nova Scotians are set to embark on Phase 1 of the re-opening plan today, members of the cosmetology industry say they still aren’t on equal footing to rebound after Omicron.

After a meeting with Houston’s Minister of Economic Development, the Cosmetology Association expressed their disappointment with members that the Houston government would only consider financial aid for those who were affected by the mask restrictions, such as makeup artists. But, many say inclusive supports are what’s needed.

“This wave of the pandemic has been very difficult for our industry and being excluded from this government’s financial aid has been devastating,” says esthetician Stella Botis. “Everyone in our industry has suffered. I’m happy to see supports for some of us, but we all deserve help.”

According to the Cosmetology Association, members have lost anywhere between 25 and 100 per cent of their income -– causing many to stress about paying for basic necessities like food and rent.

As we move into Phase 1 of the re-opening plan, revenue will increase, but not at the rate which is needed to keep these jobs alive.

“The benefits from lifting some restrictions are clear,” says Liberal Economic Development critic Fred Tilley. “But, the funds created from re-opening will only put a small dent in the loss that our cosmetologists have endured. The Houston government must provide supports to all immediately.”