Liberals Call for Temporary Removal of Public Transit Fees

Liberals Call for Temporary Removal of Public Transit Fees

As gas prices near two dollars, the Houston government must take action to make life more affordable for Nova Scotians by helping to temporarily remove public transit fees.

“In an affordability crisis, free bus rides can have a significant benefit on people’s wallets,” says Lorelei Nicoll, Critic for Municipal Affairs and Housing. “Whether it’s saving money at the pump or on bus tickets, the government needs to step in and help municipalities temporarily remove transit fares for Nova Scotians.”

“The Houston government is sitting on a budget surplus and says it’s committed to the well-being of people in this province. If that’s the case, they should use some of those excess funds to give people more affordable ways to get around.”

Fuel prices have hit record-highs, food costs are ballooning, and more than half of Canadians are now saying they can’t keep up with the cost of living.

Removing transit fares amidst this crisis will not only incentivize a greener mode of transportation, but it will help all Nova Scotians who are labouring under the weight of higher prices for everything.

“Life is getting more and more expensive in Tim Houston’s Nova Scotia,” Nicoll says. “The government needs to stem the tide by stepping in and showing they care about affordability and their fellow Nova Scotians.”