New Report Shows Rural Economy Slipping Under Houston Government

New Report Shows Rural Economy Slipping Under Houston Government

With new inflation numbers showing that Nova Scotia is still above the national
average, a recent report by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC) is
underscoring our province’s tight labour market under the Houston government –
and a decline in industries that can include agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

APEC’s September economic update says that jobs in Nova Scotia’s primary
industries have dropped nearly 20 per cent over the last few months, as
businesses continue to fend off pressure from record-high inflation.

“Premier Houston continues to overlook rural Nova Scotia. Harvesting natural
resources is a significant, defining part of our province’s economy. We’re built off
fisheries and agriculture and these industries are in the Houston government’s
blind spot,” says Liberal Leader Zach Churchill.

With no economic strategy from the government, farms across the province are
facing record losses due to labour shortages and high production costs during
their busiest time of the season.

“One disturbing aspect of the Houston government is their lack of a long term plan
for our economy. We’ve seen this time and time again with their short-sighted
budget and project cancellations. And now we’re seeing it with our province’s most
important industries,” says Churchill.