Nova Scotia’s workforce falls behind under Houston government

Nova Scotia’s workforce falls behind under Houston government

With Nova Scotia’s workforce growing slower than any other province, an economic recovery plan from the Houston government is needed more than ever.

Recent figures from the Department of Finance show that under the Houston government, Nova Scotia has the lowest number of paid workers in the country.

“The data shows our economy is getting worse since Premier Houston took office,” says Finance critic Kelly Regan. “This government continues to drag its heels on an economic recovery plan, letting many Nova Scotians fall through the cracks.”

In a December report, auditor general Kim Adair expressed concern that an economic recovery plan had not been laid out by the Houston government.

Two months later, the Houston government still has not released any fiscal goals to help the province rebound from COVID-19, leaving Nova Scotians uncertain for their future.

“Many provinces have produced long-term plans to help get their finances back on track,” says Regan. “How much longer do Nova Scotians have to wait to get real answers from this government?”