Houston Government’s Patchy Vaccine Policy Needs to be Adjusted

Houston Government’s Patchy Vaccine Policy Needs to be Adjusted

Yesterday, Premier Houston chastised the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC)’s vaccine mandate, saying it’s “completely unacceptable” that their policy isn’t in-step with the Province’s.

What’s also unacceptable to Nova Scotians is the Houston government’s piecemeal approach to their public service vaccine policy. And now because of an on-the-fly rollout from the Houston government, a Crown corporation like the NSLC, with public-facing employees during the busiest season of the year, isn’t required to show any proof of vaccination until January 15th.

“Crown corporations operate at an arm’s length from the government, and that needs to be respected,” says Liberal Leader Iain Rankin. “But public safety is the utmost priority here. The Houston government had an obligation to ensure their vaccine policy included Crown corporations as well and they didn’t do that.”

Other provinces like New Brunswick and Saskatchewan included Crown corporations in their vaccine policy for public service workers. Instead, Finance Minister Allan MacMaster told reporters yesterday he’s sure the NSLC was “aware” of the Houston government’s vaccine policy for the public service.

“They don’t just need to be aware of it – they should have been included in it,” says Rankin.