Statement from Leader Iain Rankin

Statement from Leader Iain Rankin

“Last year was a rollercoaster for all of us. Personally, my life went through many changes. Given the pace of 2021 and all the changes, this holiday season was my first chance to slow down, pause, and reflect. I had time to spend with my new child, my wife, and to think about what comes next for us. I am grateful for the time we had and the memories we created during our first Christmas as a family.

After having that time to reflect, I have decided that the best path forward for the Nova Scotia Liberal Party is to step down and make room for a new leader.

Our caucus and party are full of amazing diverse MLAs, dedicated volunteers, and hard-working staff. And given the outcome of last year’s election, I believe that all of you need to have a say in how our party moves forward.

I will stay on as leader until a new leader is chosen and will remain neutral in the leadership process. I believe staying on as leader, until a new one is chosen, is the best way forward.

I want to see a strong Nova Scotia Liberal Party under new leadership, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of this caucus.

I will continue to serve the people of Timberlea-Prospect. We have a lot of good work left to do, and I want to help do the heavy lifting. This will allow me keep serving my constituents and delivering on important projects to our community.

I want to thank all of you for your support, your time, and your encouragement over the last year. I know you are all facing a lot, but your involvement in the upcoming leadership race will be important for the future of our party. Please, get involved, support a candidate, and vote to ensure your voice is heard.

Public service is the vehicle that creates change. Our party’s future is as bright as you make it.

I wish you all nothing but health and happiness in 2022 and beyond.”