Statement from Liberal Leader Iain Rankin

Statement from Liberal Leader Iain Rankin

This morning, Premier Houston committed to passing legislation and regulations to stop Nova Scotia Power from making detrimental changes to the Net Metering Program. This is a positive first step, and I commend the Premier for seeing the need to do it.

The impacts to the solar industry and customers have already been severe. They cannot wait until the next legislative session to see change. They need it immediately.

The work to foster a strong solar industry was extremely important to me as Premier. That’s why we made significant investments in the industry and provided incentives to Nova Scotians to begin their own transition to clean energy.

Part of that work included introducing Bill 97 in Spring 2021 — a bill which would transfer Nova Scotia Power’s authority to regulate initiatives such as the Net Metering Program to Cabinet. A multi-billion-dollar corporation cannot have the authority to impair an entire industry for the sole purpose of increasing their profits.

Our time in government was short and we were unable to accomplish all that I had hoped. Because of that, the legislation has not been proclaimed.

But fortunately, most of the work is already done and the Houston Government has the power to save a critical industry today. So, I’m urging the Premier to put politics aside and proclaim the existing legislation.