Expanding Midwifery; Supporting Nova Scotia Women’s Health

Expanding Midwifery; Supporting Nova Scotia Women’s Health

 BERWICK, NS – A re-elected Rankin government will invest $1.75 million annually to support women and their newborn babies by expanding the provincial midwifery program. 

Increasing the number of midwives from 16 to 24 and extending midwifery to communities in the Annapolis Valley and Cape Breton provides safe options, and choices, for expectant mothers whose pregnancies are low risk. 

Midwives are an important part of our healthcare system. They care for women through their pregnancies, during birth and then after the birth, looking after both the mother and infant. 

“We’re excited about the birth of our first child in November and Mary has chosen to engage a midwife as part of her care and for our baby,” said Premier Iain Rankin. “We feel so comfortable with our midwife. It’s a wonderful way to augment her care and our baby’s care.” 

The Premier made his announcement in Berwick with Keith Irving, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and the MLA for Kings South, and Emily Lutz, the Liberal candidate for Kings West. Mary Chisholm, the Premier’s wife, also joined them. 

Expanding midwifery is part of the Liberal’s quality care platform, which includes increased doctor recruitment, more nurses and other healthcare workers as well as spending on hospitals, wellness centres and new medical equipment for communities across the province from Sydney to New Waterford to Halifax and Dartmouth and Digby and Yarmouth. 

In addition to supporting women through the expansion of the midwife program, the Rankin government is also committed to delivering affordable childcare. 

As a result of a partnership with the federal government, childcare fees will be cut in half next year and by 2026, Nova Scotia’s parents, working families and single parents will pay on average $10 a day for their childcare. 

This will be a huge boost, especially for women, whose work and careers were disproportionately affected by the pandemic as they are often the primary caregiver. 

The Liberal skills and training platform invests $77.8 million over four years to support a major expansion of the Nova Scotia Community College. As part of the expansion, the tuition model will change to help it become more affordable. 

This will help women who are looking to upgrade their skills or take courses to help launch them into the workforce or into a new career. 

And for the first time in Liberal Party history, 42 per cent of candidates running for election are women. 

“I am proud to say that we have the most women and the most diverse slate of candidates ever,” said Premier Rankin. “Our party and our platform support women and our team reflects the modern Nova Scotia.”