Houston Government Without Plan for Unvaccinated Health Care Workers

Houston Government Without Plan for Unvaccinated Health Care Workers

Nova Scotia is just one week away from the November 30 deadline for health care
workers to receive at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, the
Houston government has not yet released a plan for how they will account for the
loss of potentially hundreds of health care workers to an already vulnerable system.

“During Question Period on October 26, the Minister of Health repeatedly assured
the House that there was a plan in place to account for losses to the health care
system on November 30,” says Nova Scotia Liberal Party Leader Iain Rankin. “Nearly
a month later, we still have not even seen a draft of a plan. What’s the hold up?”

In British Columbia, more than 4,000 health care workers missed the deadline for
mandatory vaccines, putting added pressure on an extremely delicate situation. We
can’t risk the same happening here in Nova Scotia.

“As of November 16, nearly a quarter of home care workers in Nova Scotia have not
reported their vaccination status,” says Rankin. “We must be prepared with a plan to
help those thousands of Nova Scotians who will be affected by this potential loss.”

Will the Houston government reassure Nova Scotians by showing their plan for our
health care system in advance of the November 30 deadline?