Houston Government leaves small businesses to fend for themselves

Houston Government leaves small businesses to fend for themselves

As Nova Scotia returns to tighter COVID-19 restrictions starting Friday, small businesses are being left without help from the Houston government to cushion the blow.

There’s no doubt that enhanced measures are needed to curb a new wave of the pandemic, but the Houston government must provide supports to these businesses during that.

“Small businesses are the heart of our economy,” says Liberal Economic Development critic Fred Tilley. “Now our province is at risk of losing even more businesses, and Premier Houston has shown no guidance when it comes to maintaining economic stability through this.”

Why is the Houston government not continuing the previous government supports that were in place? With the federal emergency wage subsidy being phased out as well, businesses will be left scrambling to survive.

Sue Uteck, executive director of the Spring Garden Area Business Association, says without similar support from the Houston government, small businesses, like restaurants, will be forced to close in droves by January.

“Last year, government supports were the difference between closing and surviving for many restaurants,” says Uteck. “Because of the pandemic, these restaurants are hanging by a thread. They need supports now or else we will lose them.”

After a difficult two years, businesses helped support Nova Scotians through the pandemic. Now, it’s time for Premier Houston to do the same.