Radio silence from Houston government on business supports

Radio silence from Houston government on business supports

On the eve of new COVID-19 restrictions coming into effect, businesses are still left without any support from the Houston government.

Cancellations and staff shortages amid the busiest time of the year is likely to result in a wave of business closures across the province. Restaurants are particularly burdened by these proposed restrictions and feel neglected by the Houston government’s lack of desire to step in and help.

“An incredible amount has been asked of small businesses this year, and they’ve consistently stepped up in a big way to keep Nova Scotians safe,” says Liberal Leader Iain Rankin. “Why is there no urgency from the Houston government to give small businesses the support they need?”

Brian Doherty, co-owner of the Old Triangle, says his business has not only had to cut hours for staff, but his restaurant has lost thousands of dollars in income due to the restrictions.

“We’re already feeling the effects of the restrictions before they’ve even begun,” says Doherty. “The absence of any information on government supports is devastating for our industry. We need support from the government immediately.”

Small businesses have been vocal that they need immediate supports, but the only response they’ve received from the Houston government is a commitment to “explore options for support.”

Businesses are hanging on by a thread — there’s no time to explore.