Houston Government Re-gifts Long Term Care Announcement

Houston Government Re-gifts Long Term Care Announcement

After the Houston government re-announced a Liberal long term care project this week, the Nova Scotia Liberal Party wants to know if Premier Houston has any original ideas for Nova Scotians.

“The Houston government was elected on a promise – our promise – to build or renovate 2,500 long term care beds,” said Liberal Leader Iain Rankin. “But in three months, the only thing that Premier Houston has done on this file is re-announce a single facility that was approved in the summer. It’s great news for the community of Liverpool to see this project continue but is this government going to bring anything new to the table?”

As premier, Rankin announced an additional 17 long term care projects throughout Nova Scotia – an initiative that then Leader of the Opposition Tim Houston said wasn’t a “real plan” for long term care.

In an about-face on Wednesday however, the Houston government said in a news release they’d be going forward with all previously announced long term care projects under the Liberal government.

“The Houston government is re-announcing projects from a Liberal plan they were panning just a few short months ago,” said Rankin.

Quick Facts:

Tim Houston’s criticism of the Liberal long term care projects his government now plans to implement: “Today’s announcement is not a real plan for long-term care. This is not a plan for seniors. This is not a plan for the future. This is a cynical political move for Iain Rankin to try to get elected, and it doesn’t scratch the surface of what’s needed to fix our long-term care system.”

Read the PC’s release here