Statement from Nova Scotia Liberal Party Leader Iain Rankin

Statement from Nova Scotia Liberal Party Leader Iain Rankin

While Nova Scotia now has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, today the auditor general has revealed what we all suspected: the Houston government has no plan for economic recovery from COVID-19.

How does the Houston government expect to pay for the healthcare spending they’ve promised, such as 24/7 surgeries, or their planned 50 per cent corporate tax cuts, if our economy is shrinking?

Before the pandemic, we were on the right track. Our economy was growing, young people were choosing to stay here in Nova Scotia, our GDP was at an all-time high and unemployment at an all-time low. Although not without its difficulties, it was our vibrant economy that helped us weather the storm of COVID-19. And it’ll be a strong economy that serves as the landing pad Nova Scotians look to as we recover from the pandemic.

But while other provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, and New Brunswick have put together robust economic recovery plans, the Houston government is radio silent on ours.

Nova Scotians demand a strong economic recovery — an inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous recovery that will support business growth, make life more affordable, create jobs, and provide high-quality health care services across our province.

Premier Houston: what’s the plan for recovery from COVID-19?