Liberals Commit to Investing in Businesses to Become More Competitive

Liberals Commit to Investing in Businesses to Become More Competitive

LAWRENCETOWN, NS – A re-elected Liberal government will invest $45 million over five years to renew a program, which encourages Nova Scotian businesses to invest in the latest equipment, and innovative and clean technology to help increase their global competitiveness. 

Today, Nova Scotia Liberal leader Iain Rankin announced the Sustainable Innovation Rebate Program with Den Haan Greenhouses CEO Luke den Hann at his Lawrencetown greenhouse operation. This new initiative builds on the success of the Innovation Rebate Program that was introduced in 2017. 

“We’ve seen the support that this program has given to businesses and farmers, such as Luke,” said Liberal leader Iain Rankin. “This investment is about making our companies more efficient, more competitive, and able to compete on the world stage.” 

Mr. den Haan used the program to purchase energy-efficient LED lighting for his crops, which has helped his business become competitive year-round. “Before, we only sold produce eight months in the year,” said Mr. den Haan. “Now we can sell 365 days a year – and it’s increased our income by 80 per cent. This program has transformed our business.” 

The ability to grow and sell produce throughout the year has also helped Mr. den Haan create more, good-paying, full-time jobs in his local community. He has increased employment from 30 people, who worked seasonally, to 55 people, who are working full-time, year-round. 

The Sustainable Innovation Rebate Program will: 

  • Continue to help Nova Scotian businesses become more competitive by providing a 25% rebate for the creation of innovative solutions. 
  • Help modernize businesses’ production by supporting the purchase of new innovative green tech. 
  • Secure good middle-class jobs by supporting companies in the traditional and emerging sectors. 
  • Help our Nova Scotian businesses to sell more of their products in the province and around the world. 

“Our future depends on supporting innovative solutions for Nova Scotian businesses,” said Liberal leader Rankin. “Investing in green tech will help secure good, middle-class jobs and power our economic recovery while protecting the environment.”